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Turn to GES Aviation Logistics in Jamul, California, when you need high-quality repair and parts sourcing services for your aircraft fleet. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of mechanics can handle parts, repair, and maintenance for ground service equipment and aircraft. Our prices and service are the best in the industry, whether you are ordering just one part, or a whole overhaul. Contact us to learn more about our aviation logistics services for corporations, airlines, and foreign governments.

Aircraft Repairs and Maintenance
Passengers depend on aircraft being in top condition to ensure that all flights are safe. Our regularly scheduled aircraft repair and maintenance service on the ground will keep your aircraft up in the air. Our business is run by aircraft mechanics to ensure you get what you need. Ask us about:

• Aircraft Repairs   • Parts Service   • Maintenance Scheduling

Total Reliability
GES has built a reputation in the industry of providing reliably high-quality service to our customers. Each person on staff has been provided full training that exceeds FAA and airline standards. Also, we maintain full compliance with our customers' policies and procedures as well as any participating government agencies.

Aircraft, Aviation Logistics in Jamul, CA

A Commitment to Quality
is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in the aviation industry. Our team of professional technicians is highly trained to follow stringent safety standards set by FAA guidelines and industry safety regulations. Every task performed by our technicians is tracked by strict quality assurance inspections to ensure product safety and reliability.

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